Welcome to Obsidian Addict

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Welcome to Obsidian Addict!

When I first started using Obsidian, I thought it was cool and would be helpful for taking notes, but I never imagined how much it could transform my workflow. As I followed the community more via Reddit, Discord, and the official forums, I found myself in awe of all the amazing things it was capable of, the incredible plugins that were available, and the inspiring workflows the community had built to optimize their processes.

After a few months of really perfecting my own workflow and exploring the ecosystem, I knew I wanted to contribute back in some way. I started with contributing to community plugins and shortly after authored my own. However, there was still an itch I hadn't scratched around sharing my inspiration with the community and finding others like myself to learn from. That's when I decided to start Obsidian Addict.

The mission and vision of this site are to provide interesting, helpful, insightful, and inspiring content all centered around ObsidianMD. I strive for it to be a helpful resource for both those new to Obsidian and veterans of Obsidian alike. I hope to eventually provide something for everyone.


The main feature of this site will be articles. These articles will cover Obsidian news, feature plugins, share workflows, tips and tricks, and more. I want to share answers to commonly asked questions that can then become a re-usable resource for those looking for answers.

Additionally, I want to highlight lesser-known plugins that I feel others would appreciate knowing about, both new and existing.

Looking for Contributors

Interested in writing articles about Obsidian, plugins, workflows, etc? Reach out to** Andrew McGivery **on Discord (you can find me in the Obsidian Discord), or reach out on the Obsidian Addict Community Github discussions.

Plugin Stats

While there are existing plugin stat sites for Obsidian, none of them presented the information in a way that I felt was overly helpful as a user or as an author. I wanted to better present the information about the plugin, including articles about the plugin, and make it simple to download the plugin. I also wanted to provide a way to highlight new and trending plugins.

In the future, this will likely be iterated on to showcase weekly and monthly trends as well as including additional information about plugins on the plugin pages.

Plugin Trust Score

Additionally, a common question that comes up all the time is "how do I know if I can trust a third-party plugin?" Each plugin page on this site includes a "Trust Grade" which is further broken down into security, Recency, and Tech Debt. This uses a few different metrics to automatically calculate a score based on some common metrics that engineers often use to vet open-source software.

It isn't a perfect system and will likely be tweaked over time, but it provides a baseline that can help users feel more confident about using a particular plugin. In the future, more metrics may be added, and we may consider a "verified" system of some kind to indicate plugins that have been directly audited.

Whats Next?

There will be more articles coming out in the coming days and weeks, and I hope to get additional contributing authors in the near future.

In the meantime, thank you for reading, and if you have any thoughts on articles you'd like to see, leave a comment below!

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